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  Please specify skin tone & hair color where necessary.    

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Please Read Before Faxing Your Order!

Our credit card processor utilizes the Address Verification and Card Verification Systems for increased customer security. The Bill To address on this form must match the bill to address for the credit or debit card you are using for payment. We also need the CVC number (Card Verification Code) which is usually a 3 or 4 digit number that follows the last four digits of the account number that is PRINTED on the back of the card. We cannot process your order without this number, so please include it. It is used by the credit card company to ensure that the person placing the order has the card in their posession and isn't using a number found on a statement or receipt. Please use the Ship To section if you would like your order shipped to an alternate address. Thank you for your cooperation in avoiding shipping delays by noting these changes.

Please specify hair color and skin tone for any layouts that may be customized. If no information is provided, we will ship your kit as featured on our website. Thank you!

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