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*Q: I got a referral card for your site from a friend. What do I do with it?

An Angel's Art is a very small, family owned business where we design and manufacture original scrapbook page kits right here in the good old USA. We're proud of what we offer, and we rely on the referrals of our loyal customers and friends to spread the word about us and our unique kits. Because this is our primary means of advertising for our business, we would very much like to reward those customers that are actively sending their family members and friends who scrapbook to us with special little gift packages of seasonal scrapbooking goodies! If someone has personally referred you to the site with one of our Referral Rewards Cards that we enclose in every outgoing order or by just telling you about our site, PLEASE tell us who sent you by entering their first and last name in the referral box at checkout on the shopping cart when you place your first order with us! Your reward for helping us reward others is a special little treat sent out with your first order as well! You'll receive referral cards along with your orders so you can refer your family and friends to us too. When they let us know you sent them, we'll send rewards your way too! It's one great big circle of friends! The only catch is that in order to be rewarded, we need to know who you are--which means you need to be a customer in our database first. Once you've ordered from us and we have you in our database, please feel free to recommend us to everyone you know!

*Q: What is a CVC/CVV Number and why is it important?

The CVC/CVV number is the three digit number that is PRINTED on the signature panel on the BACK of your credit/debit card, and it is shown after the last four digits of your account number. It is not the same as any part of your actual account number. This number is entered in during payment processing and is a security measure that helps protect us both from unauthorized use of your card, so please make sure to fill in that field with the correct number from the back of your card. If the signature panel has been worn off of your card, please call your credit card company for a replacement card. Please be aware that I am NOT able to process your payment without this information. I will try to email you to get the number if it is not filled in, but if I can't get in touch with you I will be unable to process your order. Thanks for your understanding, this process is in place for your protection and security.

* Q: Why does the cart ask for both billing/invoice and shipping addresses?

Our merchant processor's software uses the Address Verification System for your protection, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you enter the BILLING ADDRESS that your CREDIT CARD STATEMENT IS SENT TO in this field including the ZIP+4 if appropriate. Please use the street address for your billing address unless your statement is actually sent to a PO Box! If you would like your kit shipped to an address OTHER than that of your statement billing address, please fill in the SHIP TO fields on the cart and I will be happy to ship out your order to whatever address you would like. If you want your order sent to the billing address, you don't need to do anything else, I will automatically send it to that address if no other instructions are added.

On a related note, please make sure the phone number you enter into the shopping cart is a DAYTIME phone number where you can be reached on weekdays. I will try to reach you via email first, but if I'm unable to reach you that way I may try to call you in the event that any information is missing from your order or if I have problems. If I am unable to reach you by email or by phone, your order may be cancelled and neither one of us would want that!

* Q: When will I be charged for my order?

Your payment will be processed for your order just prior to shipping. Please note that some kits are available on a pre-order basis, and in those cases a tentative ship date will be posted on the website.

On a related note, because payment processing is delayed for pre-ordered items, it is important that you make sure the card you use when you place your order will have a valid expiration date when the payment is actually processed. If you know the card you're using is expiring soon, please check to make sure it will be valid at the time the payment will be processed to avoid possible delays.

* Q: What happens if my payment is declined?

Because ours is an ONLINE BUSINESS, our primary means of communication with our customers is via EMAIL. For this reason, you MUST use a valid email address on your order that is checked frequently--at least once a week or more. If there is a problem with your order, if information is missing, or if your payment is declined, I will send you an EMAIL first to notify you as soon as I am aware of the problem. When I am in the process of assembling the monthly page kits, I am extremely busy and have a hard time trying to contact a customer by phone--especially if that customer is in a different time zone. Due to restrictions from my merchant processor, I am unable to attempt multiple authorizations with the same card if it is initially declined, so you will have 48 hours from the time I contact you to get another method of payment forwarded to me through the cart, via phone message or to contact your card company to determine what the problem is and get back to me. Please do not send credit card numbers to me via email. You may send them through the secure shopping cart on the website or send me an email with your telephone number and the best time to reach you. Even though we have a SSL secure shopping cart and a firewall is in place, email isn't the best manner of sending this type of sensitive information, If I don't hear back from you within that 48 hour timeframe, I will be unable to hold your order. It will be pulled from the queue and will be automatically cancelled. PLEASE respond quickly if you receive an email regarding your order! I don't want anyone to be disappointed as the result of something that is usually so easily fixed.

* Q: What should I do if I want to add something to an order that I've just placed, but hasn't shipped yet?

If you have an order that was placed recently but has not yet shipped out, you can send me an email at any time to let me know which items you would like added to your existing order number. This makes it much easier for me to track and requires less paperwork to be printed and stored long term. Email your order changes to:

* Q: How will I know when my order has been processed and shipped?

We use USPS Priority Mail for virtually all outgoing orders, via Click N' Ship. Please make sure that your email address is correct when you place your order. This is the email address that your automatically generated receipt is sent to, and it's the email we enter into the Click N' Ship website for your delivery confirmation email. You will receive an email when your shipping label has been generated so you will know that your package will arrive shortly and you can watch for it. Now that we are able to utilize the Click N' Ship technology, we no longer send out individual emails directly to let you know your order has gone out.

* Q: How will I know when new kits are available at An Angel's Art?

I would encourage you to join our Email NewsFlash List, which is a FREE email group for our customers. This is an announce-only list. I send out just a few updates monthly (on average) to let my customers know when new kits are available on the site and when the site has been updated each month. There is a purple Yahoo Groups box link to our group's home page on Yahoo right on the home page of this website, just underneath the Table of Contents. Since this is an opt-in list, we will never share any of your information with any third party companies, it's only used for you to receive information about what's going on at An Angel's Art. You won't get hundreds of emails a day or anything like that if you subscribe, and you can unsubscribe at any time if you wish by following the unsubscribe info in the footer at the bottom of every NewsFlash. I encourage all new customers to join the Email NewsFlash group so you will always know what we're up to and so you won't miss a thing! Please note that email addresses that are hard or soft bouncing (i,e, not going through to the intended recipient and that bounce back to Yahoo) will be deleted from the group on a regular basis. In addition, please make sure that you have our email address [anangelsart @] (with no spaces) in your ISP address book so that our emails come through to you instead of ending up in your spam folder. One more thing--should you decide you no longer want to receive our emails, please follow the simple opt-out instructions that are located at the END of each NewsFlash. This is located with the other Yahoo Groups information that is added to our mails by Yahoo.

* Q: What are Ship Zones? What is MY Ship Zone?

Thanks so much for taking a minute to check below for your correct Shipping Zone BEFORE placing your order. Your shipping destination zip code is how we determine your shipping charges. The USPS Zone Chart is used to determine your shipping zone. To use the chart, find the FIRST three numbers in the USPS ZIP CODE that the order is to be shipped to in the chart on our Shipping Info page of the site. The number next to this on the right in the same colored column is your Shipping Zone. Please make a note of this number and enter it using the drop down menu when you check out.

If you are unsure which zone to use, please don't hesitate to send me an email at and I can help you with that. If your order happens to be placed using an incorrect zone, please note that I will correct the zone charges before processing your payment which may result in a different total. By ordering from this site, you are implicitly agreeing to this policy. If I see that I can send your package for less, I will definitely adjust your total down also. Our goal is merely to accurately reflect what the costs truly are to have your order delivered right to your door as quickly and safely as possible.

For the full chart, please see the Shipping Info page by clicking here or the link in the table on the home page of the site. Please note that if I'm able to pack your order into one of the Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes at a lower cost to you, I will do that and adjust your s/h accordingly. However, neither of the two Flat Rate box sizes currently available will accommodate 12x12 materials, so unfortunately that isn't an option for orders containing any 12x12 page kits or other items of a similar size.

* Q: What is included in each kit, and what do I need to have on hand to assemble the layouts?

Each kit contains all of the cardstock, patterned papers, diecut shapes and lettering, preprinted doll heads (if featured), and any other embellishment items that are stated in each layout description including (but not limited to) eyelets, fibers, tags, stickers, rhinestones, wire, brads, and other hot scrapbooking goodies! Please note that in the event that a particular kit is very popular and/or in the case when I receive a lot of orders later in the ordering window when it's impossible to get supply reorders in on time, some papers or other items may be substituted with something very similar in an effort to get the orders out in a timely manner.

You should have a basic scrapper's tool kit to create all of our layouts. This should include at least the following items: adhesives for paper and photos (I recommend Hermafix tabs for photos and paper, Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue for punch art and paper piecings, and Mini Glue Dots for wire, buttons, rhinestones, etc.); a small sharp scissors with pointed tips for detail cutting such as the Fiskars Microtip or EK Success Cutter Bee; a 12" ruler with a metal edge for cutting against; an X-Acto #11 craft knife with a sharp blade and a cutting mat; a 12" Fiskars Personal Trimmer or other paper cutter; and a mechanical pencil and eraser. Other items that are helpful to have on hand are a set of at least 24 chalks and applicators; a fine point black pen such as a Zig Writer or a gel pen; a white gel pen; and eyelet setting tools including a setter, a hammer and a pounding pad of some sort. When these items are needed, they are listed in the layout description so you can borrow them from a friend if you don't have them in your own scrapper's toolbox.

* Q: Can I order Page Kits and other items at the same time and have them shipped together?

YES! In fact, I encourage this because it saves time, shipping and handling! When your Page Kits and other items are ordered together, they will be shipped together when the page kits go out on or close to the anticipated ship date. If you need any other items sooner than the ship date for the Page Kit, please order them separately so I know you'd like them shipped out to you ASAP!

Q: Why should I buy these page kits instead of creating my own layouts? What makes them special?

The biggest reason is that they will give you the fun layouts you love without the time investment you'd need to make to design your own layouts and shop for all of the coordinating items. Whether you're brand new to scrapbooking or an experienced veteran scrapper, you'll love that our kits are fun and very easy to assemble in a relatively short amount of time, which equals faster scrapping. Most of the kits include my own exclusive designs for precut custom paper piecings and diecut titles that are original and fresh! Diecuts and punched pieces are used in creative, exciting ways that are easy for you to duplicate. Each kit contains a full color photo of each layout and a complete written instruction sheet to make assembly easy and fun for you! All of the smaller items for each layout are individually bagged and labeled for your convenience so you can work on one layout at a time if needed. All items are shipped in a corrugated cardboard mailer so everything gets to you in top condition. Pack the whole box into your scrapping tote with your photos and your basic tool kit (listed above), and you are all set to get busy scrapping where ever you go. Best of all, you can order securely online or via fax 24 hours a day--even in your jammies and slippers if you want to--and your kits come right to your door!

Q: How long does it take to have regularly stocked items shipped if I order them separately?

Please allow 7-10 days for your in-stock items to arrive to you. Items that are listed as being IN STOCK on the site are usually packed and shipped out within a few working days of when your order is received by us.

Reorders of items that are normally stocked generally take no longer than one week to arrive in house, and are shipped out as soon as they arrive if they happen to sell out before your order is ready to ship. I will let you know if any item on your order is out of stock and approximately when I expect the reorder to arrive, On occasion, I travel to trade shows or teach classes nationally and I'm out of town for several days at a time. When this is going to be the case, I will generally have a notice on the home page of the site to let you know this. Virtually all of our orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes a little longer during peak holiday times, but is often quicker and less expensive than UPS or FedEx Ground for packages under five pounds most of the time. Please keep this in mind when you place your orders, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call and I'll be happy to assist you if other arrangements need to be made.

Q: If I'm a retailer, can I order your kits for my store?

No. An Angel's Art is strictly a retail business serving end-use scrapbooking consumers. My primary work is as a freelance designer, and I simply don't have the resources to process orders on a wholesale basis or in wholesale quantities. In addition, all of my kits are intended for the consumer's personal, non-commercial use only, and all of my designs are protected by international copyright law. Any other use, such as for teaching purposes in a store or in home demonstrations are strictly forbidden, and would also be considered copyright infringement. In addition, layouts made using our kits are not eligible for entry into contests of any kind, through any venue, or for any reason, as I exclusively reserve the right to publish these designs myself anywhere I deem appropriate.

*Q: I'm hosting a scrapbooking event for charity, do you offer product donations?

As a very small business with very limited resources, we do what we can to work with several local charity groups that we actively support. We are literally bombarded by requests for product donations on a monthly basis from people all over the country for various events and crops. At this time, we are simply unable to accommodate the numerous worthy people and organizations that request donations from us annually.

Q: What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to email me at any time! Click Here:

If you need to contact me with questions about your order or any other matters, PLEASE send me a detailed email message with your name, order number, email and telephone number and the best time to reach you, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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