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The Legalese: All of our page kits, project kits, paper piecing designs, paper piecing kits, photos, images, and assembly instructions are copyright 2000 to the present, An Angel's Art. These projects are offered for your personal scrapbooking and craft project use only. No portion of any page layout, design, project, illustration, photo, pattern, or instruction handout may be used for any hands-on classroom, commercial or publication purposes except by Mary Kerr or An Angel's Art. We do not allow our kits to be sold on eBay in any form (assembled or unassembled) or on any other internet auction sites. The only exception to this rule would be kits assembled by scrappers for hire, who may purchase our kits at retail for the sole purpose of creating scrapbook pages for their clients, provided that all copyright information is permanently and visibly recorded in the client's album (on the back of the layout is acceptable). Any violation of these terms or other commercial use will be considered copyright infringement. Potential infringers, be warned that we will vigorously protect our copyrights!

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